Monday, April 25, 2011

Cabo San Lucas: Man Murdered At Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose

There's lots of chismes circulating about this murder last Saturday morning at 5:45AM in Cabo San Lucas. After reading about five different reported versions of the events, here is what Fulano was able to determine are consistent facts in the event.

On April 19, the victim, Gabriel González Lazcano, arrived on a private flight from Sonora for an Easter Week vacation. He was accompanied by his family and friends. He is reported to be a farmer. His father is a retired school teacher. Friday night, the victim and his friends were going around the town and stopping at discotheques, finally arriving at their hotel lobby in the early morning of Saturday.

Three rental cars pulled up to the hotel and various men and women got out. One of the men, without saying a word, fired point blank into the victim several times. The shooter then ran towards the lobby door, where a security guard attempted to detain him. The shooter pointed his gun at the security guard, who then let him pass. The shooter was accompanied by his girlfriend, who left her purse at the scene.

I surmise that the police will be able to trace the shooter through the evidence in the girl's purse.

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Juan Leonardo Zamudio López
Well, just as Fulano surmized, the killer of Gabriel González Lazcano has been identified as Juan Leonardo Zamudio López, 31 years old, from Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Investigators indicate they believe Zamudio is involved with drug cartels.

Link to article in Spanish.