Friday, September 10, 2010

Zetas Video of Captured Gulf Cartel Members

Mundo Narco is a blog the posts videos and news of the narco wars in Mexico. They have just posted two videos of an interview of four members of the Gulf Cartel that were captured by the Zetas Cartel. You cannot hear the questions, they are shown in sub-titles in Spanish, but you can hear the answers. The first person interviewed says he was a Mexican marine for eight years, but went to to work for the Gulf Cartel because the money was better and the work was easier. The second person says he was from Guatemala, and that he was fooled into working for the Gulf Cartel and that he had not been paid. The other two are Mexicans, the last one says he had not been paid in a month.

When asked how they were captured, they said their fellow Gulf Cartel members just left them to be captured (me agarraron por pendejo.) Throughout most of the video they are being asked who they work for and who they have killed. It is clear in the videos that these people are just cannon fodder and they are working for the money, which is not much by American standards. The last man says he made $800 per month. An example of how cheap life is in Mexico. They are most likely all dead now.